Growing in God’s word…

Living in Spiritual unity…

Sharing faith in Christ!


131 W. Front Street

P.O. Box 106

Ovid, MI 48866

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Thank you for your interest in
the United Church of Ovid.
Many people just like you have
found a home here at UCO.
Our purpose is to provide an
environment where we can
grow in Gods word, live in
spiritual unity and share
faith in Christ
. We hope this
website will introduce you to
the many opportunities,
wonderful people, and exciting
ministries at the United Church
of Ovid. Come join us!

Worship Schedule

Sunday Worship 11:00 am

Open Hearts

United Church of Ovid is
a Spiritual community that
is dedicated to sharing
Christ with those within
and outside of our doors.
It’s for that reason we have
many community weddings
and community funerals,
why we share the building
with our community with
groups like the Scouts,
the Senior Luncheon
programs, and others, and
why we remain involved in
food and personal pantries,
CROP Walks, Vacation
Bible Schools, and funds
that support those in need.
In many ways, we’re a
community with open
hearts, open minds, and
open doors that always
has room for one more!

Contact Us

Pastor Eugene Blair     


Sue Casler

Church Secretary

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